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Just a little note to let you know that Wilson's Catch of the Day now serve fine produce to all the members in the Glasgow Food Assembly

What is it? 

An award-winning food community bringing you the best produce from your local farmers and foodmakers. You order your produce online - choose from a wide range of local products: fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, beer and much more... it is up to you how much you buy and how often. You then collect it after you finish work. The times vary depending on which Food Assembly you join (Glasgow West and Glasgow City Centre have different collection times, for example and are listed on the website). 

See all the other local producers here and join today!


Note From the Food Assembly website: 

Meeting and knowing your farmers and foodmakers is always an invaluable experience – and The Food Assembly makes it easy for you to support local producers so that more of your money reaches the right people. 

With this access to local producers, you can have the life-affirming experience of discovering fresh, food for your family, friends, and neighbourhood.