Wilson’s Catch of the Day - Serving organic and free range meats.

You know that we take great care in how and where we source our excellent stock of sea foods, taking years to build relationships with the right suppliers who believe in quality, sustainability and the environment. Well, we have a new partnership for our meat products, too.

Peelham Farm in the Scottish borders are an award-winning farm supplier who follow the same principles we like to adhere to. Their 670 acre family-run farm located close to the Berwickshire Coast in the southern Scottish Borders with exquisite panoramic views of the Tweed Valley, Cheviot Hills, Lammermuirs and the North Sea, delivers sustainability, product integrity, traceability and ultimately good taste.


"The farming family business partnership of Cayley Walton Partners, is an integrated, organic farming and food production enterprise, selling meat from its farm and through its butchery direct to the customer.  It delivers clear provenance and promises high quality with minimal environmental impact.   It aspires to excellence in land-management, animal care, environmental stewardship and customer service.  It believes that its most valuable resource are its employees and seeks continuously to ensure an open, fair and fulfilling working relationship with each of them as the first foundation of a successful business”.

Love the land, Love the animal, Love their produce

Pop in to Wilson’s Catch of the Day in Finnieston to have a look at a selection of new meat products.

Organic, free range livestock reared slowly to high environmental and welfare standards and processed skillfully with care into award winning products:


Some of the products at Wilson’s Catch of the Day

Organic pork

Tamworth Rare-breed & Tamworth X Red Duroc

  • Charcuterie

  • Salamis, Pancetta, Prosciutto etc.

  • Bacon & Gammon (smoked or unsmoked)

  • Cooked Ham (smoked or unsmoked)

  • Gluten Free & Traditional Sausages & Burgers (additive free)

  • All the Traditional Pork Cuts (chops, belly, fillet, leg, etc.

Organic Beef & Ruby-Veal

  • Grass-fed Aberdeen Angus & Luing Cross

  • Prime Cuts - as joints or steaks (Sirloin, Fillet, Rib, Topside)

  • Fore Quarter Cuts (Frying Steaks, Mince, Diced)

  • Sausages (gluten free & additive free)

  • Cured Beef & Beef Bones

  • Air Dried Coriander Salami Sticks (Droewors)

Organic Lamb & Mutton

Grass-fed Lleyn & Lleyn X

  • Grass-Fed Lleyn & Lleyn X

  • Chops (loin / chump / gigot)

  • Shoulder (on / off the bone)

  • Leg (on / off the bone)

  • Shank

  • Liver & Kidneys

  • Saddle, Rack, etc.

  • Salted Mutton Ham & Air Dried Juniper Mutton (Prosciutto Style)

  • Lamb & Mint Sausages / burgers

  • Merguez Sausage (additive and gluten free)

  • Lamb & Cumin Seed Salami Sticks

Wilson’s catch of the Day would like to note that the supplying butchery is wheat, diary, egg and nut free. We make gluten-free and free-form sausages and burgers.

Please feel free to ask us any more questions about the range of meat products we have in our shop in Finnieston.


We care about what we sell